Vice President of Products

Anna Bartels
Anna Bartels · 12. februar 2024

GoMore is seeking a VP of Product to focus on product innovation and commercial performance.

GoMore is looking for an ambitious and experienced VP of Product with several years of experience working in a product role within a leading tech company or experience driving product strategy and innovation from consultancy.

As VP of Product, you will play a key role in the coming years’ development of social and sustainable mobility and in growing the sharing economy internationally.

You know the market, the competition and the customers

Full responsibility including product strategy and innovation. You will play a key part in discovering and conceptualizing new products supporting the overall strategy.

You will manage a team of 7 senior developers and you will report to the founder and CEO and become part of the management team based in GoMore´s head office in Copenhagen.

You own the product vision, and it is your responsibility to keep it aligned with the overall company strategy and business targets.

Your areas of responsibility will include:

  • Commercial prioritization defining the product roadmap
  • Manage the product backlog
  • Prioritize the backlog items in line with the product vision and the overall company strategy
  • Groom features with involvement of relevant stakeholders and specialists
  • Gather new items based on research and input from the users, sales, operations and marketing
  • Communicate the “why” and the “what” clearly to the tech leads and the development team
  • Work closely with the development team in shaping the “how”
  • Coordinate releases and messaging with the marketing team
  • Take ownership of the entire product package
  • Take ownership, lead and support software development
  • Manage platform-related legal matters such as terms of use, tax reporting and GDPR

The right person to build world-class products

You’re informal, friendly, and direct, and you enjoy working in a world that is dynamic and where decisions need to be made quickly. At the same time, you know what it takes to be a skilled leader, and you are good at bringing people together and getting them to be the best version of themselves.

You can recognize the following traits:

  • Has a genuine interest in tech
  • Holds an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for innovation
  • Thrives working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • Excellent organizational skills and an ability to manage multiple projects and products at once
  • Has experience with monetization models, product performance and ideally commercial collaborations
  • Has a competitive and performance-focused mindset

What is GoMore?

The GoMore business model is based on three business areas all focusing on the mission of helping people share cars.

  • With peer-to-peer car rental, car owners can share their car when it’s not being used, and people without cars can get easier access to one nearby. Fewer people need to own cars if we share the ones we already have. Peer-to-peer car rental is GoMore’s primary business area and represents 75% of the company revenue.
  • With leasing, you can get your own car and rent it out when not using it. Leasing with GoMore is easier than owning a car and renting it out can help keep the costs down.
  • With ridesharing, people share their journeys with others who are travelling in the same direction, helping cover travel costs, reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and meeting new people in the process.

GoMore and the idea behind it is part of a megatrend towards an increase in sharing of resources, where GoMore has the ambition of being a policy and market influencer and play a significant role in promoting the sharing economy.

Each market has its individual characteristics and competitive situation. The idea is to be a market leader in each of the markets with a focus on peer-to-peer car rental and leasing.

In the coming years, GoMore has the ambition of tripling the turnover. The company is profitable, has 130 employees, and operates in 7 markets with more to come.

Reach out, if you’re interested

The recruitment is done in collaboration with the consulting firm Sorth & Co. If you would like more information about the position, feel free to contact Søren Kjærgaard Kristiansen at All inquiries will be treated confidentially.