I am not a car

Matias Dalsgaard
Matias Dalsgaard · 2. juni 2022

When we first had the idea for GoMore, we didn’t know much about cars. We still don’t. But we did know something about the space that is created when people meet in a car. And we felt there was an opportunity to use cars differently.

We were two students living in Freiburg, Germany, studying philosophy. If we went somewhere by car, there were always more people in the car. Cars were associated with experiences and community, but we didn’t own a car ourselves.
One evening, as we sat philosophising about the future, my GoMore co-founder, Søren Riis, suggested that we could make a website for carpooling. He was inspired by the German “Mitfahrzentrale”, which under this not very poetic name mediated carpooling in Germany. So we set to work.

It took a while for Danes to embrace the idea of carpooling and car sharing, but over time sharing made sense to more and more people, and we also learned a lot more about the phenomenon we had started ourselves. An increasing number of people enjoyed how the car creates a safe environment for dialogue. Not just between friends, but also between people meeting for the first time. There is space and time for reflection, for personal stories, for political dilemmas, for music, for jokes – and preferably in a good mix.

We experienced what you get back when you dare to share.
Sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing stories – and sharing a car.

We have since developed several different car-sharing options: neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing. GoMore Keyless. Car leasing that can be shared. Sharing across a number of European countries.

Fortunately, more and more people want to share. And that’s important. We believe sharing is here to stay. It will only become more relevant as our society evolves.

Car production is a major contributor to the planet’s CO2 emissions, and the transition to electric cars will only increase emissions from production. As we get richer as a society, we buy more and more cars that sit unused and clutter up city streets. That’s why we need to rethink car use. Traditional consumption is not the answer for the future.

GoMore provides part of the answer with our sharing solutions, which we continue to develop. Our latest step is that in Copenhagen this spring we started renting cars in GoMore’s own name on our platform. The cars should be seen as a complement to the many privately owned cars on the platform. We do this to guarantee a higher “security of supply” for those looking for a rental car in Copenhagen – so that our sharing solutions can appeal to even more people.

The cars we rent out in our own name carry the message “I am not a car”.

For us, a car is not just a car. It never has been. But what is it? Something that connects us? Something that gives us freedom? Something we should use wisely?

With “I’m not a car” we want to challenge conventional thinking about the things we surround ourselves with and the way we use them. Cars are not just cars, things are not just things, but depend on how we use them.

That’s why we want to start a dialogue with you. What is a car? A meeting room, an opportunity for freedom, a quiet space or something else entirely?

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